BAM! | Buffalo Art Movement

I was contracted to form the identity of a Buffalo, NY-based art gallery and workshop space called “BAM!“. The process involved developing a brandmark and color set, along with providing visual content for web and social. I was also responsible for photographing and archiving various works from the collection.

The logo was inspired by graphics found in comics and graphic/visual motifs from the 1980’s era.


Chandra: Senior Thesis Exhibition

I branded an imaginary rooftop yoga studio and garden called Chandra with inspiration from Swiss Design or the International Typographic Style.

“A fusion of rural and urban, natural and manmade, of yoga and permaculture. Chandra is a sanctuary for city-folk who desire a hard reset from the stimulation of urban life.”


I was contacted to develop the identity of a start-up.

Tango is a web application designed to revolutionize remote job shadowing. Teams can shadow their superiors or stars in their industry by sharing workflow and skills virtually.

Sketches were inspired by keywords related to training. Some of them were accomplishment, recognition, mentorship, champion, expert, apprenticeship, hacks, connection, among others.

We wanted the logo to represent idea-sharing and flow, so we settled on a deconstructed yin yang design. The shapes can be interpreted as “big fish and little fish” or mentor and student. They appear to swim or dance around each other, like partners in a Tango.

The shapes were designed using perfect circles.

Including more than a couple of colors was important to the team, so I introduced a complimentary teal blue, which could be used in a gradient background or on accents on the application.

Horizontal and vertical logotype options were included for versatility across all promotional materials.

The Toknight Show

Branding and set design for a student-run comedy show at SUNY Geneseo.

Murchie Law

Nevin Murchie of Murchie Law (Williamsville, NY) contacted me to develop a logo for a branch of his firm. Nevin specified that he wanted to go in “the monogram route” with some incorporation of the Canadian maple leaf. We came up with several ideas, narrowed to the version below. M, I and C overlap each other. The maple leaf acts as the dot of the I. Serif style type compliments the logo to communicate a sense of sophistication and class.

Murchie Immigration Consultancy



Nevin later contacted me to help him with a logo refresh. Nevin requested the monogram be left as is with only a change in the logo type.







The Food Chain: Hong Kong, China

*self-generated project* The Food Chain is an Asian cuisine catering company based in Hong Kong, China. What better way to represent the company than with a culturally-relevant symbol. The chopsticks were first used by the Chinese and then later spread to other regions within Asia. The logo is an ode to these historic instruments.