Lane Eight

[from] We’re LANE EIGHT and we’re on a mission to make the world’s best workout shoes. And not just good for you, but good for the planet. We started by ditching the idea that a performance shoe could only be made for one specific sport or activity in mind. We designed our first shoe – the Trainer AD 1 – from the ground up to handle your runs, your gym sessions, your group workouts, and more. So whether you’re a mall walker or a gym junkie, these shoes are for you. And that’s not even the best part! We’re reducing the impact of our shoes by using recycled plastic, algae-based cushioning, and vegan suede across our entire range.

Pride Campaign teaser for the launch of Lane Eight’s Pride AD 1 trainer

BAM! | Buffalo Art Movement

I was contracted to form the identity of a Buffalo, NY-based art gallery and workshop space called “BAM!“. The process involved developing a brandmark and color set, along with providing visual content for web and social. I was also responsible for photographing and archiving various works from the collection.

The logo was inspired by graphics found in comics and graphic/visual motifs from the 1980’s era.


Evolation Yoga

Evolation Yoga is a national chain of hot yoga studios teaching a Bikram-style practice. The owner of the Buffalo location reached out to me to design posters for some studio events. They were designed using the existing brand guidelines and were adapted for print and digital.

The posters were adapted for social media.

2017 Infringement Festival

The infringement festival takes pride in being unconventional, provocative, and experimental. I took those qualities and designed this poster around them.



Fillmore Corridor Banners

This class project done in effort to bring some color to the Fillmore Corridor neighborhood on the east side of Buffalo, NY. Each of us graphically rendered the portrait of a well-recognized and admired African American. The banners are currently on display along Fillmore Ave between East Ferry and East Parade Streets.