I was contacted to develop the identity of a start-up.

Tango is a web application designed to revolutionize remote job shadowing. Teams can shadow their superiors or stars in their industry by sharing workflow and skills virtually.

Sketches were inspired by keywords related to training. Some of them were accomplishment, recognition, mentorship, champion, expert, apprenticeship, hacks, connection, among others.

We wanted the logo to represent idea-sharing and flow, so we settled on a deconstructed yin yang design. The shapes can be interpreted as “big fish and little fish” or mentor and student. They appear to swim or dance around each other, like partners in a Tango.

The shapes were designed using perfect circles.

Including more than a couple of colors was important to the team, so I introduced a complimentary teal blue, which could be used in a gradient background or on accents on the application.

Horizontal and vertical logotype options were included for versatility across all promotional materials.