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Blogging-Intro / Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon Journal

Not a blogger, but blogging

Blogging-Intro / Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

I’ve been told that blogging is a good way to get ideas “out there”. It can give ideas tangibility, serve as a reminder to execute those ideas, and, maybe, be a way to get some feedback on works-in-progress. Blogging isn’t just for people who want to promote cosmetics or make viral posts. It’s also for people who desire a way to check in with themselves and grow through writing and sharing.

It’s especially important for creatives to document and share their work. Not only does it promote their business, but it communicates an eagerness to grow and embrace the ever-learning amateur inside them.

Blogging requires a good dose of vulnerability, too. While we’d all like to be perfect at everything, truth is we’re all lifelong learners with flaws and strengths. I believe that truth is what pushes us forward to continue making; knowing that there’s more to learn, achieve, and create – that I have yet to produce my best work – gets me out of bed each morning with excitement and creative energy. It keeps me going.

So Im starting this blog to document my process, expose my creativity publicly and to continue building my craft. This is a way of exploring my creativity through a new medium in hopes of learning more about myself and being vulnerable.

Stay tuned for post topics on creativity, design, photography, fine art, lifestyle and culture, yoga, Buffalo culture and new experiences.

– JB

Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

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