Project Type: Branding

Victoria Memorial Hospital: Multan, Pakistan

A friend of my professors is in the process of building and opening a hospital in Multan, Pakistan that will serve women, children, and terminally ill patients. He expressed interest in developing an identity with the help of our class. Each of us submitted a our own branding system for the institution

Parkside Logo

This logo was designed for Parkside Association in Buffalo, NY. I designed with the intention of nodding to the arts and crafts aesthetic, which is apparent in much of the architecture in that area (notably the Darwin Martin House). The line-work mimics Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass. It also references Fredrick Law Olmstead’s park system with the outline of a tree.



Branding for a fictional Japanese Noodle Parlor. “Tatsu” (Japanese) means dragon. A dragon in Japanese mythology has 3 claws, so I designed the logo with that information in mind. The logo features 3 claws in the shape of a T, for Tatsu.








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