Chill with Chillhop

Image of my workspace, coffee to keep me working, and other tools that I use on the daily.

Chill with Chillhop

My obsession with this youtube channel has become something I need to blog about. For so long I’ve struggled with doing work and listening to music simultaneously. I would find ambient music or “studying playlists”, but somehow they would either be overwhelming, just noisy, or they’d make me sleepy. Side note: I can’t be listening to Mozart and Bach. I’m already pretty nerdy as it is and there’s no reason to feed that with classical music. Gotta tame it.

So, my point here. Chillhop is a youtube channel that posts hour long (on average) videos of “chill music”. Chill is music that mixes elements of jazz, hiphop, and electronic. You’ll also see it described as lo-fi. The music tends to be lyric-less, which is great for studying, reading, and *designing*. PLUS, if you’re listening in a coffee shop, you instantly feel a sense of belonging. It’s essentially urban coffee shop music mixed to get your caffeinated-self motivated and determined to get shit done.


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